beijing zhongnong futong horticulture co., ltd (zhongnong futong),  supported by experts and their techniques from academic institutions, including china agricultural university, chinese academy of agricultural sciences, beijing academy of agricultural and forestry sciences, and beijing agricultural college, is an enterprise which provides agricultural high-tech service. also, zhongnong futong is a national high-tech enterprise and a leading company of beijing association of agricultural industrialization. to date, futong company has already formed agricultural planning department, urban and rural planning department, facility engineering department, horticultural engineering department, agricultural scientific information department, water-saving irrigation department, sci-tech park department, enterprise management department as well as department of production and marketing for agricultural products. in addition, futong company has built a series of demonstration bases, including beijing international urban agricultural s&t park, china nanhe facility agricultural industrial complex, china modern agricultural technology demonstration center(guangxi yulin “colorful field” agricultural carnival), cross-strait(guangxi yulin) agricultural cooperation s&t demonstration park, shanxi baode advanced and new agricultural s&t demonstration park, guizhou xiuwen “eight villages of peach blossoms” national agricultural s&t demonstration park, jiangsu yanghe agricultural carnival and hunan yiyang agricultural carnival. zhongnong futong is vigorous thriving, which has established many branches in taiyuan city of shanxi province, xinzhou city of shanxi province, maanshan city of anhui province, yulin city of guangxi province, xingtai city of hebei province, chengdu city of sichuan province, guiyang city of guizhou province, suqian city of jiangsu province and nanning city of guangxi province.

    futong company has more than 1000 talents who have high education, high quality as well as abundant practical experience, and who are from noted research institutions and universities both at home and abroad. also, futong has undertaken multiple national key projects, and passed iso9001 quality management system certification and iso14001 environmental management system certification.

    by always complying with national strategies, zhongnong futong adheres to the developmental vision of “integrating world-class agricultural professional, establishing international top promotion platform.” through integrating resources of talents as well as science and technology, futong company is to provide governments and enterprises with a package of diversified, all-round services, which involve planning and design, engineering construction, scientific and technological promotion, operation management, as well as production and marketing for agricultural products. futong is able to achieve excellent “turn-key” projects with its business scope covering the whole country and has been appraised by all circles of the society.


    with full of sincerity, we are expecting to promote the development of modern agriculture and to enhance the construction of "agriculture, farmer and rural areas "in china with you and your company!

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